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Chiropractic, Body Work and PEMF

Meet Dr. Jason Grundhauser

Natural Health Specialist

I became interested in health at an early age after an injury in high school and decided at age 16 to become a chiropractor. Being in the health care profession since 2001 has morphed my views on health and my approach has broadened considerably from the standard chiropractic view. I try to see the issues people come in with as a puzzle and give people skills to take away to help them be more involved in their own health and give them more power to take control of their bodies and health. 

Over the course of practicing since 2001 I have taken classes and seminars in many modalities and techniques. Some of these include applied kinesiology, sacro-occipital technique(SOT), Neuroemotional technique(NET), matrix energetics, reiki and several styles of muscle mobilization.

Having been athletic my entire life has given me my own physical injuries and challenges to work through and I try to pass on what I have learned with all of my patients. I focus on muscles, ligaments, fascia, function of the entire body(ie:digestion, sleep, organs) and emotional stressors, in addition to joints and nervous system. I have been fortunate to have many brilliant, non-traditional chiropractors and health care providers as mentors and teachers to help bring a different approach to health. I also feel that honesty and transparency are important and take pride in not over treating and seeing everyone who comes to see me as a person and not dollar signs.

Meet Dr. Jason
Why Chiropractic

Why Chiropractic?

It can help with

Back Massage
Musculoskeletal problems

Spinal problems, jaw, shoulder, elbow/wrist, hips, knees and ankles can all be assisted with work


Whether it is from dysfunction in the neck, tight muscles, stress or a food sensitivity can be helped 


Stress management tools and self care techniques

Sports injuries
Leg Injury

Get back to doing what you love quicker and prevent future injuries as much as possible

Sleep issues

There are many ways to improve sleep and sleep quality



I was hiking when I slipped and fell, catching myself and breaking the scaphoid bone in my wrist. My orthopedic doctor told me I would be in a cast for 8-12 weeks, and after that, it would be another 8-12 before I could fully use my hand again. Dr. Jason recommended I use the PEMF therapy system. I used it as recommended up until my follow up appointment 2 weeks later. At my follow up, the orthopedic doctor had the cast taken off, and after reviewing the CT scan, revealed I no longer had a broken bone!  Everything I have read about the PEMF therapy system has had reviews of similar results. At first, it sounds too good to be true. I am happily surprised to say that this therapy is all doctors and researchers claim it to be. I would recommend this therapy to anyone who wants to stimulate their healing!

— Cheyenne B.

Your Health Starts Here

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2020 W. Colorado Ave Ste 101


Chiropractic adjustment
Sports Injury
Muscle work, education, joint mobilization
PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field)
increases bodies energy to heal and operate better

*Compliments of Dr. Gary Ryan's website

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